Even though characterized as science fiction, “Frankenstein” almost never alludes to scientific or even quasi-scientific facts. Rather, it presents the reader with the tumultuous emotional upheavals of the characters, which is rendered all the more appealing as it is a first person narrative.   The book lacks certain key qualities of a science-fiction novel, such as the lack of details regarding the acquisition and subsequent … Continue reading Frankenstein


How many days can you survive without sleeping? What if you try to sleep but you can’t? You are just awake and alert the whole time. Well, more time to browse Tumblr and catch Pokémon. Who’s complaining! Now, the government assumes that microwave radiation is responsible for the sleeplessness and shuts down all means of communication – internet, telephones, television, radio. What do you do … Continue reading Nod

The Epic, in short

Kerala, a state located in the southernmost tip of India, though small boasts a rich diversity in culture. Located to the west of the Western Ghats, Kerala receives a rich downpour during the monsoons. In olden times, this meant that food was scarce and the constant rain basically confined  one to ones home. The tropical location combined with the rain also meant that diseases spread … Continue reading The Epic, in short