Harambe and humanity

Harambe has taken the internet by storm. Let me rephrase that, the untimely death of Harambe has taken the internet by storm. People have criticized the Cincinnati Zoo and the parents of the child, while zoos around the world have supported the decision of the Cincinnati zookeepers. I am no zookeeper to analyse the situation professionally and opine whether they did the right thing or not. Nor am I enough of a philanthropist to value the life of a human, child or adult, over an endangered species. In all seriousness, 7.4 billion and counting, we are a menace on this planet. Maybe the zookeepers made the right decision, maybe the parents were not careless, but the fact that Harambe had to die for no fault of his own, as he was displaying normal ape behaviour, is lamentable.


It is a sad but true fact that humans value the life of fellow humans over animals. There is no case that demonstrates this better than the suicidal man who jumped into a lion enclosure and stripped naked. Did the lion, imprisoned against its will have to take the fatal shot for, again, no fault of his own? What is the criteria that put the value of a man who willingly jumped into the pit of carnivorous big cats above the lions that inhabited the pit?


Humanity is not exclusive to humans. In fact, we have been most inhumane to everything on planet Earth, animate or inanimate. There are many examples of animals acting more humane than humans and saving human lives. In memory of Harambe and countless other animals killed by humans, here are five animals who saved human lives and taught us a lesson in humanity.

Masha and the baby

Heroes not only fight battles and rescue princesses from witches and dragons. Heroes are all those people whose little gestures bring a smile to someone’s face or make someone’s day, in Masha’s case, provide an infant with warmth when it was most needed. While human(s) thought that the baby would be fine all alone at a stairwell in a Russian January if they provided it with a change of clothes, nappies, and a bottle of milk, Masha, the cat, obviously thought otherwise. Thanks to Masha, the child is alive and well.

Samson, the gentle

Mental health is as important as physical health. It is not uncommon for people struggling with mental issues to be stigmatized and be told “It is all in your head. Get over it” even after lots of studies showing that the brain of such a person is different from that of a normal person. Though being a dog Samson could not read such studies in depth and understand them, he acted much more compassionately than the oh-so-smart humans when his owner who was suffering from Asperger’s syndrome had a meltdown. Samson was there with her, showed her how much he loved her with his little dog gestures and showed us something that we often forget, to be there for your loved ones during tough times. The video is heartbreaking and heartwarming. I cried.

Lions to the rescue

“Aah, the ripe age of 12. Let us beat her, force her to marry, and rape her.” That’s a whole lot of humanity in one sentence. Well, seven grown men were the “humane” people thinking that. Enter lions, the saviors. Drawn by the 12 year old Ethiopian girl’s cries for help, three big cats decided that it was time to intervene and end this bullshit. Long story short, the girl has been saved from a lifetime of abuse. Makes you think who are the real carnivores, huh?

Dolphins vs Sharks

Sounds like a movie that Hollywood is producing? It is in fact a real life movie set in New Zealand starring dolphins, a great white shark, Rob Howes, his daughter, and two of his friends. The dolphins,after spotting a great white shark, herded the four humans together even when Rob tried to swim away thinking that they were only being playful. The dolphins then proceeded to swim protectively around them for forty minutes which is when the shark called it a day and quit. Fact is crazier than fiction, aint it?


Binti, the mother

When a 3 year old tiny human fell 20 feet into an ape pit, Binti Jua, a gorilla, carried the baby to safety keeping the other gorillas at bay. According to a zookeeper “She was gently kind of rocking the kid in her right arm.” Binti and the boy, who is now 18, are both alive and well.


There are many more accounts of animals saving humans, and animals saving other animals. Thankfully, there are no accounts of animals bombing other animals or mass murdering civilians for religious and/or political reasons.


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