I read a small book today. Hope Was Here. From the front cover illustration to the summary on the back cover the book looked like another teenage story. And as I read through it I realized that it was just that – a perky, feel-good teenage story. But it did strike a chord somewhere within me. The author intended a teenage girl to be the … Continue reading Hope

On writing

Writing is a complex process. A lot of thought goes into it. The ideas have to take the shape of words, the words have to be arranged to form meaningful sentences, the sentences should paint a picture and the picture should convey the initial raw idea to the reader. The writing should come from within the heart. One should not write for the sake of … Continue reading On writing


“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?” It’s Latin. From Satires of  Juvenal. It means “Who will guard the guards?” Please don’t sue me for plagiarism for the first two lines. They are from “Digital Fortress” written by Dan Brown, a book that I read long back but which feels increasingly relevant in light of the recent events involving Mr. Edward Snowden. Both Digital Fortress and Edward Snowden’s … Continue reading TRANSLTR and PRISM